Our general law practice encompasses a broad range of areas. This means that we do not limit our law practice to the specialties that are enumerated on our site but rather, can assist you with most any legal need that you may have such as criminal law, bankruptcy, business law, estate planning, insurance law, litigation, and real estate. LEARN MORE LEARN A LITTLE LESS

Although the vast majority of our experience is within our specialties, we are highly efficient and knowledgeable in multiple other areas of the law. You will also find that there is huge value and enormous efficiency dealing with one law firm. This is based upon our ability to know and understand you thus enabling us to develop the best strategy to fulfill what may often be your overlapping challenges.

In addition, if you have a small to medium-sized business, it is productive and convenient to have a ‘go-to’ firm for assistance with whatever comes up and we have a network of specialists on call should it be absolutely necessary to augment our own capability.